Christmas books

Thriftmas: Thrifting for Christmas decor, books, clothes, and more

Merry Thriftmas! Christmas is simply the most wonderful time of year at the thrift store. Christmas paraphernalia pops up at secondhand shops like clockwork after Halloween. I think this happens because holiday cheer is mostly concentrated in November and December — by mid-January, everyone is […]

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Thrifting on Small Business Saturday

Miraculously, I avoided Black Friday shopping altogether this year. While you don’t see hordes of people trampling over each other to clear out 80% off retail sales anymore, I still feel overwhelmed at big-box stores during peak holiday business hours, even in my sleepy part […]

Christmas decor

Thrifting for Christmas presents this year

I’ve resolved to thrift for Christmas gifts this year. After years of burning money on Black Friday impulse buys from online sales, I’ve decided that I want to pamper my loved ones with thoughtful, high-quality gifts this time around. I’m trying to make Thriftmas happen […]

Recycle Bookstore interior

Thrifting in San Jose and Livermore, CA

It’s been a minute since my last Bay Area thrifting trip — about a year, to be exact. Since I have fantastic thrift stores near me, I haven’t felt particularly inclined to make the drive up to the South Bay. Still, it’s always a fun […]

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Going on used book shopping adventures

Hands down, one of my favorite things about living in the Central Valley is the Great Valley Bookfest. I came across it while coming back home from a date a few years ago, and I’ve been making an active effort to attend every year! (Is […]