Brown leaves on tree

Visited a park by my childhood home

This past weekend, I visited Penitencia Creek Park, a quiet, family-friendly park by my childhood home in San Jose. It was a calm Sunday morning, just at the cusp of sunrise. I came hoping to see ducks trodding along the beaten paths and perhaps to […]

Plants on a shelf

I’m decluttering my plant collection

I am, once again, committing to a plant declutter. No, really, I’m going to minimize my collection and stop bringing in plants. I know that this is a refrain I’ve been singing over and over again, but it feels more definitive this time around No. […]

How to plan a staycation

I turned 28 this past week and decided to take time off of work for myself. With the heat wave (and maybe the dread of approaching my third decade of life), I didn’t particularly want to spend too much time away from home. And, now […]