Review: Christopher Griffin’s You Grow, Gurl!: Plant Kween’s Lush Guide to Growing Your Garden 

Plant Kween book

Plant Kween, AKA Christopher Griffin, is easily one of my favorite plant personalities. They’re so joyful and warm and playful; their personality pops off the screen and instantly brightens up my Instagram feed with each post. Not only do they bring plant care back to self and community care, but they’re also a creative and sartorial force who effortlessly serves looks against lush greenery!

I found their new book, You Grow, Gurl, through my library’s e-book system. While I’m grateful to have found this readily available, I can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy down the line. The saturated, colorful pictures are so lovely, and I really want to experience all of that goodness with a physical book. 

Even though this is an image-heavy tome, the experience of reading the words is such a joy. If you’re familiar with Plant Kween’s instagram, their playful voice is eminent throughout the book — them calling plants “green gurls” actually reminds me that plants are beings that we form relationships with and nourish, not just mere decor pieces. In this collection, Plant Kween is your non-judgemental, encouraging plant guide who reminds you that plant care is all about patience and grace, not only for others but also yourself. Plants can be tricky, and we should all cut ourselves some slack and enjoy the ride as much as possible. Plant fails are just part of the process. 

Plant Kween book

That’s not to say that there’s no technical information in this rich collection. The blend of personal experiences, practical knowledge, and social/historical context here is chef’s kiss — it’s all very conversational without ever feeling didactic. Even as a relatively seasoned foliage fiend, I found a few helpful tips throughout the book. (For example, I’m FINALLY going to use a hygrometer.) Throughout the book, we see recommendations for plants and gardening tools grounded in Griffin’s own foliage adventures (and misadventures). All in all, it’s a great collection for both plant novices and experts.

Joy can feel scarce these days, so if you happen to come across this book, I definitely recommend picking it up for that little extra oomph of serotonin. 


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