Easy-Care Plants: The Peperomia Edition 

peperomia angulata

I have a tendency to fall in love with things and start collecting them obsessively — discounted celebrity perfumes, Funko Pops, books, stamps — you name it! One thing that has really stuck for three years now is (obviously) plants! Unfortunately, I’m not the most attentive plant parent, and I’ve gotten quite busy over the last few months. In the wake of my plant-buying frenzy over the last few months, there’s been some hardy standouts. Here are a few of my favorite easy-care plants that I’ve acquired recently! These all just happen to be peperomia plants — while I’ve always had a spotty record with peperomias, I’ve found these babies to be quite chill and non-fussy. 

Peperomia scandens variegata

Peperomia scandens / cupid peperomia (variegated)

Though it’s called a cupid peperomia, this baby was, ironically, a post-breakup plant. But what better way to heal a broken heart than with a bunch of heart-shaped leaves? I water this plant when the leaves go limp, and it receives bright indirect light from my northwest window. While it’s not a thirsty plant or a heavy feeder, I find that it appreciates loose, well-draining soil, so I occasionally create makeshift hoe with my Staedtler marker and break up the compact topsoil. 

peperomia angulata

Peperomia angulata / funky frog peperomia 

The peperomia angulata feels like a bit of a hidden gem in a world full of argyreia, rossos, and obtusifolias, all of which I have definitely killed. It features leathery, dark green leaves with bright chartreuse veins and creeping stems. It loves bright, indirect light and is pretty drought tolerant. I only water it whenever my nursery pot feels light, though I’d be care not to underwater it too much in hot weather — I notice leaves dropping when I do so. 

perperomia obtusifolia

Peperomia obtusifolia / baby rubber plant (variegated)

I’ve killed not one, not two, but three obtusifolias, and somehow, I convinced myself that I deserved a fourth chance with one. And you know what? I’m glad that I took it. I bought this baby three months ago at Grocery Outlet, and it hasn’t died on me yet. I water it around every three or four weeks, when the leaves feel soft. It receives medium indirect light and receives no fertilizer. I think my two biggest tips for the obtusifolia is to 1) buy a big plant with a developed root system 2) not overwater it. 


And that’s all for my little easy-care plant chat on how to care for peperomias. I’m trying my damndest not to do a plant haul as my next plant post, but if the price is right…

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