It’s Another Plant Haul

Hi, plant friends! I’m back with a quick plant haul post. Time flies by fast, right?! It’s been really busy on my end lately, but the good news is, I’ve been writing a lot of informative plant content with Happy Sprout — check out my latest work here

I wanted to pop on here and share my latest plant haul. It’s definitely my first major collection of plant purchases in months, so apologies for the delays in posting. Most of these days, I’m working on my mini outdoor container garden of edible plants. (Quick update soon!) Still, I can’t ignore the very thing that started my plant-loving roots, if you will: indoor gardening. So without further ado, here’s my haul.

Rainforest Nursery

My local nursery still has all the goods, y’all. It’s nice to shop locally because the prices are good, and my obsessive plant acquisition doesn’t create such a huge carbon footprint. I’ve been eyeing a cute string of turtles from this shop, but convinced myself not to buy it because of my poor track record with string plants. (Until next time, right?) Here’s what I actually bought over two visits: 

Dracaena reflexa

Dracaena reflexa


This variegated plant is also known as a Song of India. It’s been doing well after a week in my house, and I don’t expect it to act up too much. Dracaenas are one of the best easy-care plants out there, and they’ve been very reliable plants for me so far. I just need to find this reflexa a new pot — I’m making a note to update y’all about this because I’ve been having trouble finding planters!

Callisia repens

Callisia repens

This succulent looks exactly like a miniature version of my tradescantia zebrina. The foliage has a beautiful subtle sheen with deep purple coloring underneath it. Since it’s technically a succulent plant, I’m keeping it right next to my window and watering it when the top inch of soil dries out. Please live for me, little baby. 

Hirt’s Gardens

I’ve ordered so much from Hirt’s, it’s scary! Even though their sizing hasn’t always been consistent, I love how well they pack their plants are and how fast/relatively affordable the shipping is. So I keep ordering. One morning, I thought to myself, hey, let’s order some high-maintenance plants that might hurl me into a world of pain. So here’s what I got:


Tradescantia nanouk

I’ve been itching to get this lovely purple plant for so long. Except for a few broken leaves, this nanouk arrived in great condition, with lots of new foliage on the way. Let’s hope she doesn’t die like my nanouk from Lowe’s a few summers back. I’m keeping her in bright indirect light and plan on watering her weekly. 

Watermelon peperomia

Watermelon peperomia

I’ve been on a real peperomia kick lately. They’re supposed to be hardy and semi-succulent, but I’ve killed at least three. And yet I can’t resist how beautiful their shapes and variegation patterns are. This supposedly easy-to-grow peperomia from Hirt’s came a little wilted, so I’m giving it extra water and air circulation can’t. My primary concern is replanting it and giving it transplant shock. I am determined to keep it alive, though!

Heart fern

Hemionitis anifolia

I got a fern. I swore off ferns. And here I am with a new fern because suffering is a part of life. And I accept that. I’ve been seeing this heart fern float around on my social media feeds, and I fell helplessly in love with its heart-shaped leaves. (Why couldn’t I just be happy with a philodendron?) My rationale was, how hard can it be to recreate a lush forest environment? Pretty darn hard, actually, when you live in the dry Central Valley where all life desiccates. My staghorn fern hasn’t died yet, so not all hope is lost for this little baby, right?

That’s it for my plant haul. Coming back soon, everyone!

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