Plant haul: Hirt’s Garden + Grocery Outlet

Plant Haul

Oh, plant friends. My insatiable love for plants has been thoroughly satiated, suffice to say. It started with a few clicks online on the Hirt’s Garden site and ended with me jogging out of Grocery Outlet with an armful of Halo Top and new plants. I’ve got it bad for plant deals, what can I say?! So yeah, this is a plant haul. It’s going to be a long week for me before the holidays roll around, but I’m absolutely thrilled to have more plants to play with while I finish up deliverables and survive the pandemic winter.

What Hirt’s the Most Is How I’m Obsessed With Hirt’s Garden

So let’s talk Hirt’s. I’ve always heard about Hirt’s Gardens from the plant community but never actually took the plunge to buy goods from its site. One dreary Sunday afternoon, I started scanning their selection and was pleased to find such an affordable and standout collection. Shipping through USPS only took about three days despite what I imagine must be an inordinately busy holiday season.

Hirt's Garden Haul
From left to right: my Philodendron Birkin, Imperial Philodendron, Rattlesnake Calathea, and Ficus Audrey from Hirt’s Gardens.

The plants arrived with secure bubble wrap packaging, assuaging my worries of shoddy shipping. I received a Ficus Audrey, Rattlesnake Calathea, Philodendron Birkin, and Imperial Philodendron — all in perfect condition, save the broken leaf here and there. While all the plants I bought came in 2.5 inch pots, the ficus was much bigger than I expected! Its foliage took me by surprise — I thought it would be the least exciting plant, but its elegance immediately drew me in. It reminds me of a fiddle leaf fig, except sleeker and more minimal (and hopefully easier to care for).

The philodendrons and rattlesnake plant were smaller than I expected, and I hope they survive winter drafts and space heater blasts! The Birkin didn’t have variegation, either. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for white patterns with more sunlight. With the smaller plants, only time will tell how I feel about them. 

Would I buy from Hirt’s again? I think it’s definitely possible if I see any plants that I like or if the price is right! From what I hear, they have a rotating inventory, so it shall be interesting to see what they have in the future — sizing is definitely a matter that I’ll pay closer attention to next time.

Grocery Outlet, Plant Bargain Market!

Anyway! The same day that I received my Hirt’s haul, I also came across beautiful new plants at my local Grocery Outlet. Grocery stores aren’t usually the place to be if you want rare plants, but they’re amazing in terms of price and selection for common houseplants! I’ve always been lucky at Grocery Outlet and Trader Joe’s, so I always check out their foliage selection whenever I’m near a store.

Grocery Outlet Haul
From left to right: my new pilea, croton, and bird of paradise plants from Grocery Outlet.

I picked up a pilea, croton, and bird of paradise. Did I swear off crotons? Yes, but the red coloring on this particular croton looked too cool (almost demonic) to resist. I also haven’t had the best luck with pilea, but the leaves on this baby plant felt strong and tough (despite a few leaves snapping off on the bumpy car ride home). It was the most expensive of the bunch at $5, while the others were only $3! Can we say STEAL?

Check out the reels on my Instagram page to see all these plants in action!

I hope everyone has a safe and cozy holiday. Hope to talk with you all soon!

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