Weekend Update: 9/26

golden hahnii snake plant

Back with a short weekend update, plant friends! It’s been busy lately, and I’m trying to allow myself to relax a little bit this fine Monday evening. Not much decluttering happened this weekend, but I do have intentions to better organize my fragrance collection as well as throw out some plants I don’t want anymore. Or at least prune them so that I have room! (That spider plant is no joke.) The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up remains unfinished on my desk. I’m hoping to change that soon. 

calathea zebrina
My calathea zebrina is struggling, but look at how many shoots she’s giving off!

One plant that I’ve been on the fence about is my calathea zebrina. Calatheas just hate hot weather in the Central Valley, and I can’t keep up with giving them adequate humidity. My ornata went into yard waste a while back, and it’s probably compost by now. I still have this zebrina that I bought around Christmastime last year. It’s really been averse to the hot, dry conditions in my room, with leaf edges shriveling up left and right. However, I’m starting to notice 3 or 4 new sprouts, which makes me somewhat hopeful about wintertime growth? Anyway, point is that I can’t bear to part with it, so I might just be extra attentive with it, giving it filtered water and all that jazz. We’ll see how that goes. 

I made a short trip to The Home Depot this weekend just to see what their indoor plant selection looks like at the moment. Besides those giant $100 fiddle-leaf figs, they also have new shipments of four to six inch plants. Lots of dracaenas, snake plants, ivies, and pothos as one would imagine. But I did spot some pink syngoniums, which I’ve been eyeing for a while now. 

golden hahnii
This golden hahnii snake plant has a few nicks, but she’s still pretty healthy.

They have a ton of Halloween shipments in right now, naturally. Besides 12-feet tall skeletons, they also have plants in black, white, and orange Halloween-themed planters. And of course, I got a basic snake plant. Well, I don’t think it’s *that* basic. I actually don’t have this snake plant yet — it’s a golden hahnii snake plant that comes in a cute and cozy off-white ceramic pumpkin! It was only $10, which is by no means Trader Joe’s prices, but it’s still quite a good deal! Anyway, here’s knocking on wood to keep this snake plant alive! 

No longer fertilizing this pothos! I might try to propagate some of the lower leaves so that I can stick them back in and create a fuller-looking plant.

The last thing that I want to mention is that it’s officially autumn! Obviously! This means that I’m cutting back on fertilizing my high growth and trailing plants (think: pothos, philodendrons, and spider plants). It’s perfect timing because I’m running out of liquid fertilizer anyway, lols. It’s still warm in my neck of California, but the mornings and nights are getting chilly. I’ll still feed barer-looking houseplants like my umbrella plant and fiddle-leaf fig, but the days of wildly squirting fertilizer into random pots are dwindling down.

That’s all for this weekend! Next week, I might check if any plant needs to be repotted before it gets too cold to transfer homes. Until then, stay tuned — and, of course, keep calm and grow on!

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