Weekend Update: 8/22

Happy Monday, y’all! Get ready for a blog entirely devoted to domestic life. With the ongoing wildfires and pandemic, I am squarely staying inside the house except for the occasional weekend shopping trip. Something about turning 26 soon is also making me lean into my novice Elle Decor self, for better or for worse. 

Let’s talk about my plants. This is probably what you came for. Oh, my plants. I haven’t watered them as much last week since the overcast, orange sky makes me less inclined to water them. But let me tell you, they were not happy drying up in the heat! (It can easily get up to 116 degrees here in the Central Valley.) My better senses finally came to me on Sunday night, and let me tell you, my plants were in dire condition! Well, not all of them, but some of them looked grim. Most of my plants ended up OK, but I did spend time picking up yellow, shriveled up foliage.

A few of my steelier plants surprised me by drooping, like, a lot. I transported my lipstick, Christmas cactus, and baby rubber plant into the bathroom for a little TLC. They spent the night soaking in residual humidity and bounced back a bit by the morning. My lipstick plant is still in critical condition, though.

A very sad, sad before picture.
A slightly better AM picture.

My succulents aren’t looking very…succulent, either. At least my bear paw one isn’t doing so hot, with leaves dropping off left and right. I tried to propagate them, but they shriveled up in the heat. RIP. My sole focus is on my current plants right now, so I’m not buying any more. In fact, I haven’t bought any in two weeks! Please congratulate me for resisting the temptation to stockpile $4 plants.

Other than tending to my plants, I’ve also dipped my toes into decor. I never had my own room until I moved to the Central Valley a few years ago, so it’s nice to indulge in the luxury of decorating my own space. My Funko Pop and geeky memorabilia days are mostly over, so my sensibilities have shifted towards a more loosely chic direction. Thankfully, Goodwill and discount stores exist, so I can perk up my room without burning through my savings. And it’s nice to arrange my belongings in a pretty way. 

Everything pink!

Anyway, my little vanity corner on my computer desk is more or less complete! I’m not a fan of the greige stucco wall, but this setup makes me happy nonetheless. Say what you will, but I am team blush pink and rose gold! I treated myself with pink accent pieces from Walmart (including a rose gold basket and that pink tumbler), which actually has affordable basic homeware if you wade through the cluttered shelves. Anyway, here’s where I got my other pieces over the past few months:

  • Mirror tray: Goodwill
  • Pompom earrings: Claire’s
  • Potpourri bird: Burlington 
  • Pearl clips: TJ Maxx
  • Blush Journal: Michael’s
  • Lilac Faux Traveler’s Notebook: Staples 
  • …Lover: Target/gift (I’m basic, OK?)
All my pretties in one area!

Front and center are my fragrances and modest collection of Fenty lippies! It feels bougie to admit how much I love perfumes, but I’m always sniffing out for good prices. (And for good scents, I’m atoning for my synthetic cranberry and vanilla days.) Burlington (+ the TJ Maxx/Marshall’s/Ross complex) and Costco offer decent deals for fragrances — you can find sizable bottles of celebrity perfumes for under $10 and niche and designer ones for under $60. My current faves are Armani Si, which settles into this fresh fancy paper scent with slightly fruity notes, and Rihanna’s Nude Eau de Parfum, which dries down to a creamy, subtly fruity, your-skin-but-better smell. Mmmmm.

I also stuck marble contact paper on my laptop, but don’t look too closely at it — even though I used that popular Windex trick, a few bubbles still formed.

Spraying your surface down with a household cleaner helps! I still got bubbles, but they weren’t too bad. Cleaned up the corners with a box knife.

The decor bug also made its way to the bathroom. I keep it simple, though, since I don’t spend most of my time in the bathroom. Obviously. Since I noticed that many of my drugstore skincare products came in green or blue packaging, I added teal baskets, trays, and towels from Target and Walmart to complement them. Nothing too schmancy. Is that a little too matchy-matchy? It’s nice to go to the bathroom now.

Teal! Very basic accents!

Other than puttering around in the house, I’ve also been sending out letters to my friends! I know that buying stamps is just a drop in the water when it comes to helping out the USPS, but it’s nice to get back into letter writing. Sending letters feels very personable and romantic, you know? I got Scooby Doo stamps and plastered my letters with my plant and Pokemon stickers. 

As you can see, I’ve already used a third of my stamps!

Anyway, that’s all for this weekend. Hope everyone is staying healthy, hydrated, and masked. À bientôt! 

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