Weekend Update: 8/1

Hello! You might have noticed that I skipped a few blogs last week. Frankly, I’ve just been feeling a little overwhelmed lately, so I decided to hit pause on blogging and only published my guide on philodendron. The good news is, I’m back with a weekend update!

Well, sort of. I’m here again to say that I plant shopped at my local nursery again. Yes, this blog is just me talking about how I visit the Rainforest Nursery every other weekend! It’s such a bright spot in an otherwise rough and uncertain year. I ended up buying three relatively inexpensive succulents: a string of hearts ($8), crassula campfire ($3), and dog-tail cactus ($6). 

Look at this cute dog-tail cactus! The spines are super soft, though I’m sure they did get into my fingers at some point…
This string of hearts is getting that rainbow connection from Kermit the Frog. I hope that it survives!
This is called a crassula campfire. Pretty sure it’s basically a jade plant, but looks cool, no?

Succulents (and succulent-like plants) have just been my jam lately — other than growing pains with my hoyas, I’ve been enjoying how beautiful and low maintenance they are. Every succulent beats to the march of its own drum, and no matter how wacky they appear, they’re usually easy to care for… and inexpensive! Plus, they’re relatively hard to kill. My mom is keeping her eyes on the dog-tail cactus because she knows I pawn off succulents to her when they start dying indoors! So I’m hoping that my default routine of watering my succulents every two weeks and sticking them by the windowsill will do my new babies good. 

I came close to getting a few other plants as well but found a glimmer of self-control while I went on my little plant bender. Rainforest’s arrowhead plant selection gave me second thoughts, but I decided against grabbing a pot because I just don’t think my home has the right conditions for one. My mom bought a beautiful, lush syngonium from Trader Joe’s during the winter, only to have it burn to a crisp recently. Other honorable mentions: a beautiful peperomia ginny, pink ficus elastica, and ruby necklace. Since I’m starting to accumulate a lot of plants (most of which are growing), I want to be more discerning about buying new stuff. Plus, my freelance work has been fluctuating more than usual, so I want to be frugal. 

Other weekend updates…I chucked a few herbs throughout the week. I was so excited when I first got them! But now I only have my sweet basil because all the other ones burnt to a crisp or got super wilted. Goodbye, herbs. My fantasies of having 190439403 indoor herb plants like Marianne from Hulu’s Normal People are now gone. 

Oh, by the way, I also learned that my liquid fertilizer bottle…has a cap on its nozzle! I truly feel like I am relinquishing any authority that I tried to establish on this blog. What a rookie mistake! When I wasn’t using slow-release fertilizer, I earnestly believed that I only needed to use a few drops of liquid…but no, the pump lets out a STREAM of fertilizer. Which, believe you me, I added to all of my plants the moment I found out. If I don’t have a lush jungle by next week, I’m going to cry. *plants proceed to get fertilizer burn*

A public service announcement that! your fertilizer has a nozzle cap.

I don’t really have any other updates. I’ve been showering my bigger plants like my monstera and philodendron, I guess. I’m not sure if that’s an effective watering mechanism, but they seem to be getting more turgid and upright.

Oh, and I also spent a lot of time baking treats. Snickerdoodles and fresh peach scones. They look a little bit like golden poops, but I swear they taste good. 

Fresh scones!

For now, keep calm and grow on! I’ll talk to y’all next week. 

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