Weekend Update: 7/18

It’s been another low-key weekend, plant buddies! After writing up some copy, I made two short trips to the Rainforest Nursery. I’ve been into succulents and succulent-like plants lately because my plant collection is expanding, and I have a limited reserve of time and energy to deal with needy plants. (Looking at you, ferns.) The Rainforest Nursery is so lush and lovely, offering so many more niche foliage plants and decor pieces than the typical big-box store. I wish I could stay there forever just to peruse its toys and home goods. Support your local nurseries!

Look at all of these cacti and succulents!

On my first trip, my haul included a baby Eve’s needle cactus, peperomia obtusifolia, an on-sale pot, and terracotta saucers. The cactus doesn’t worry me too much because I can toss it outside if it doesn’t love my room. Then there’s that peperomia. I’ve had a variegated obtusifolia die on me before, but I wanted to add more peperomia to my collection. We’ll see how this guy fares. But save for some minor rips and tears, he’s looking cute.

This peperomia obtusifolia is a thing of beauty.
My fuzzy babies! The darker one is a kalanchoe tomentosa (aka the panda plant) and the one with the red tips is a cotyledon tomentosa (aka the bear’s paw succulent).
Look at this majestic Eve’s needle cactus.

As for the saucers, you can never have too many. I also picked up $1 bathroom plastic trays from Target because they were cuter than average plastic saucers. They’re made with that frosted, durable plastic that you find all over Muji. Not a fan of water and soggy dirt dripping over my carpet.

Trip two ended with two $2.50 fuzzy minis, a bear’s paw and panda’s plant. These cute babies now live inside a four-inch nursery pot and get plenty of sunlight by my window. Succulents don’t exactly love my room, but again, they may go in the backyard with my other succulents and cacti should they need extra TLC. As my work fluctuates throughout the pandemic, plants are the cheapest of thrills when I can’t justify playing around with clothes and makeup anymore. Like my spider plant, cacti and succulents will give you a bang for your buck when you give them ample sunlight.

Other than my nursery dalliance, I repotted a few plants. My ferns, peperomia, and schefflera in particular. My button and Boston fern have been serving me a heavy dose of grief — I can’t keep up with the water and humidity levels they need! I cut their rootballs with a serrated knife and popped them into baby pots, hoping for the best to come.

Some ferns who need a new lease on life. (Left to right: Boston fern and button fern.) 

In a twist, I also discovered that my peperomia rosso was dying from root rot because I left it in a ceramic pot and the soil had virtually zero drainage. I stuck it in new soil because some healing needs to happen. Likewise, my schefflera (which I wrote about a mere week before) suffered from poor drainage. It developed brown leaf spots, likely from a bacterial or fungal infection. While repotting, I also noticed that it was severely rootbound, which may have blocked it from absorbing nutrients and contributed to its struggles.

My woes are blessings in disguise, of course. As someone who spends so much time in front of the computer for work, it’s pleasant, if not necessary, to step back from the screen and get my hands dirty, even if it means shoveling and sweeping loose soil in 100-degree heat. Also, the benefit of having a backyard garden at my parents’ house is not lost on me. We have fresh apples, plums, peppers, and peaches in addition to apricots that fall over from our neighbor’s tree! The apples and peaches are definitely baby-sized, but delicious nonetheless.

Cute and fuzzy peaches.
These plums are tart! Definitely have to wait for them to get squishy / ripe.

Anyway, that’s all from my weekend, fronds. Until next time, keep calm and grow on!

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