Reading journal with arthur sticker on it

How to set up a reading journal

At the end of last year, I channeled my inner geeky fourth grader and started keeping a reading log in a slim Stalogy B6 journal that I’ve since adorned with obnoxious Arthur stickers. I actually think that I revisit it more than my private life […]

Hanging planters hanging from lamp stand

Shopping Dollar Tree’s hanging planter accessories!

It’s that odd bit of winter where it’s freezing cold outside, but it somehow feels like spring because the sun is out. Around this time of year, I often find myself wandering around Dollar Tree to pick up spring gardening tools because I finally feel […]

Philodendron micans next to dish with picture of dog

Mindfulness and other things

I’m currently in the process of demushifying my brain. A few months ago, COVID-19 finally sank its nasty spike proteins into me and rendered me miserable and mucous-infested for weeks on end. While I can’t say if it was due to COVID or the onslaught […]

Brown leaves on tree

Visited a park by my childhood home

This past weekend, I visited Penitencia Creek Park, a quiet, family-friendly park by my childhood home in San Jose. It was a calm Sunday morning, just at the cusp of sunrise. I came hoping to see ducks trodding along the beaten paths and perhaps to […]

Plants on a shelf

I’m decluttering my plant collection

I am, once again, committing to a plant declutter. No, really, I’m going to minimize my collection and stop bringing in plants. I know that this is a refrain I’ve been singing over and over again, but it feels more definitive this time around No. […]

How to plan a staycation

I turned 28 this past week and decided to take time off of work for myself. With the heat wave (and maybe the dread of approaching my third decade of life), I didn’t particularly want to spend too much time away from home. And, now […]